What Is New Day Recovery?

We are a sober living environment that helps men of all ages. Guests are shown a way to adopt the Twelve Steps based on Alcoholics Anonymous into their everyday life. Substance misuse disorder makes life unmanageable. We here help bring back a manageability to their lives, to experience joy, happiness, and accomplishment. This house established in 2020 is staffed by men with over 30 years of combined sobriety and knowledge of the Twelve step program.

Twelve Step Principles & Real Life Answers.

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous is the blueprint which allows us freedom from the cycle of addiction. These principles emphasize honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. This proven method forms the foundation of our community. With encouragement and confidence, we are able to re-enter society with a sense of purpose and commitment.

Greater Boston, Greater Recovery

Our historic home is located in an established neighborhood in Malden, Massachusetts, just four miles from the Massachusetts State House a the heart of Boston. Our spacious home provides a sense of community with a perfect balance of historic charm and modern touches. We are located on a MBTA bus line and just one mile from the Malden Center Orange Line station.

New Day Recovery House, Malden Massachusetts

"A true act of good will always sparks another"



This house was built in 1900 for the president of Converse Rubber Company, now known as Converse Sneakers. With seven bedrooms and four full baths it houses fourteen men comfortably. The house includes kitchen, dining room, outside pateo and two living rooms.

It is the mission of New Day Recovery to relieve the men of our community from the suffering of substance misuse disorder. Our program follows the time proven method established almost 100 years ago by the Alcoholics Anonymous movement. We utilize the structured format of their original twelve step process.

The city of Malden is a quiet middle-class neighborhood located four miles from Boston. This growing community has convenient shopping and dining options. With thirty parks guests can play basketball, walk, and with one of the largest synthetic running paths can exercise along the Mystic river. Hiking up Waitt’s Mt. provides a panoramic view of Boston and the surrounding cities. Painters, poets, Olympic gold medalist, songwriters, and of course the famous Converse family all started here in this town. Sports fans will like the proximity to all the Boston arenas.


12-Step Approach

Twelve steps a time-honored method to relieve a man from substance misuse disorder.

Personal Development

To come to terms with our past and move forward with our full potential. Using what we learn in our work, education and family.

Community Involvment

As we mature and recover we are naturally drawn towards our full potential, which expresses itself in our family and community.


Past guests remain active within the house. Returning for both morning and evening meetings, they provide support and encouragement to present guests.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:00 AM - Wake Up
  • 9:00 AM - Morning Reflections*
  • 10:30 AM - Big Book Study*
  • 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM - Miscellaneous
  • 7:00 PM - House Meetings*
  • 11:00 PM - House Curfew

Manditory House Meetings

  • Sunday - House Meeting / Goals
  • Tuesday - Speaker Meeting
  • Thursday - Big Book Workshop
  • Friday - Big Book Study Meeting

*All new guests will be placed on a temporary restriction period upon arrival.




Jay D.

Malden, MA

New Day Recovery provided me with the structure and environment I needed to overcome my struggles with addiction. It allowed me to develop the tools needed to live a great life. The alumni community has now become a big part of my sobriety.

Kevin G.

Middleton, MA

My experience at the Malden house was a very fulfilling piece of my journey in sobriety. The skills I learned at New Day Recovery allowed me to grow emotionally and spiritually.


Patrick Reardon - Program Director

Pat provides over thirty years of recovery experience. He himself has sponsored and supported many men through this process. In his earlier career as a mailman, which is affectionately his nickname, he decided to open a Sober Living House upon retirement. He saw this need when he was dropping off a fellow AA member to a Sober House. The newcomer stayed in Pat's car asking random questions. Finally, Pat asked the man why didn’t he go into his house and was disheartened to hear that the man did not feel safe there. When this scenario happened a second time, it became a desire for Pat to open and run a home that was safe and truly helped men to overcome their addiction. New Day Recovery has become that haven he truly wished it to be. Just speaking with him for a few minutes you quickly see the passion and care he gives to all that enter this home.


New Day Recovery

We'd love to meet you, please reach out with any questions!

Phone: 617-685-1535

Email: Pat@NewDayRecovery.net